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The function of each filter for IPL

The function of each filter for IPL   [2017/06/29]

The function of each filter:

640-1200nm for hair removal
590-1200nm for red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.
560-1200nm for Skin rejuvenation
430-1200nm for Acne
480-1200nm for age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles
750-1200nm for hair removal in Dark Skin

IPL hair removal Treatment General Knowledge
1.Curative effect
After frist one or two treatment,the hair can lost 80%.
After 4-5 treatment,the hair will lost 95%.then no hair grow
or less thin hair grow.(Acceptable)
2.treatment Caution And the principle
For treatment is that the patient should feel little Acceptable
pain.Keep the skin be cool.

FAQ of IPL beauty machine

FAQ of IPL beauty machine   [2017/06/23]

1.Why is IPL hair remvoal machine better than other treatments?
---------------In addition to treating multiple symptoms and locations in each session, IPL is gentle, non-invasive and safe.
Because of this, there is no "down time." You see results in the complexion and the skin texture of the entire face.
You can return to your normal routines and activies immediately.In fact, many people even schedule their sessions during their lunch ,break. Additional, IPL 
treatments are customized to your specific skin type and color, providing the best possible results.
2. What areas can be treated with IPL systems?
--------------The IPLSystem can remove hair from all parts of the bodyincluding the face, legs, arms, underarms, and back. I t can also treat sensitive areas like the chest,nipples and bikiniline.
3. What do IPL treatments feel like?
---------------As the name implies, the IPL hand-piece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin. When the pulse of lights delivered, some patients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required, however some patients may prefer to use atopical anesthetic when sensitive areas are treated.
4.How many treatments will I need?
-----------------Most areas require 3-6 treatments, but the number of IPL treatments you may require for optimal long-term benefits depends on various factors such as your hair thickness,the area treated,and your hair growth cycle. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time. but actually go through three distinct phases; growth, regression, and resting. IPL systems work by disabling the hair  that is  principally. in the active growth phase a t the time o f treatment. Since other hairs will enter  this active growth phase at different times. additional  treatments maybe necessary t o disable all of the hair folliclesina given area.
5.-------------How is IPL used to treat benign vascular lesions?
Aging, sun exposure and other factors can cause the appearance of broken capillries and blood  vessels on the face known as telangiectasias, which appear as spider veins. Sometimes broken capillaries can cause a diffused redness in the skin, called erythema, a source of social embarrassment for many people. Rosacea is a common skin conditionthat is  characterized by diffused erythema. 
so IPL laser hair removal is better.

Notes you should pay attention to when you do IPL

Notes you should pay attention to when you do IPL   [2017/06/20]

1. After ipl laser treatemnt, the water inner the skin layer will loss a lot., the skin will be dry. Then it is better for you to drink a bottle of water before treatment and  apply icy mask or Moisturizing lotion after treatment.
2. If the skin has a scab after IPl laser treatment,don't worry. usually it will be off by itself after 1 week. but pls keep the skin is clean and dry during this time. 
3. As Experts suggested , to make better effect, you can have ome oral vitamin C or E to promote metabolism 2 weekes ago of the IPL treatment.
how to recover if the ipl treatment fails
situation 1: Face burns
Some less experienced doctors may not master the length of light waves, or keep flashing lights at the same treatment part.The penetrating light is too strong will lead to facial burning, persistent redness, and even local skin blisters. If not blistering, the skin can be restored one week later, but if the skin blisters, you have to apply burn drugs 
situation 2: no effect 
Many people are eager to see the effect after 1 treatment.  but the fact is that you have to do about 4-5 treatments , the interval time is every three to four weeks.  you will begin to see the obvious effect at the third time. this is because the skin after laser shattered, it have to rely on their own immune cells to take away the garbage, the process of blood in the body smooth, immune system can be easily transferred on the basis of healthy, but everyone's blood situation is different.
There may be another possibility that the doctor may don't use the light source enough. then the energy is not strong to destroy the skin tissue to let it repair regeneratio. and the skin is not red or scab appears after ipl treatment. If such a situation  you can consult the doctor and to do the treatmen again after 1 week.

that was the noted you should pay attention when you to do IPL treatment. 
how to change fuse of IPL hair removal machine

how to change fuse of IPL hair removal machine   [2017/06/17]

how to change fuse of IPL hair removal machine?
following our step,

how to change fuse of IPL hair removal machine

then you can change fuse ,normal for our IPL hair removal machine ,we will put 4-5 free fuses in the package box, so you can find it was easy :)

Does the IPL hair removal machine has any side effects?

Does the IPL hair removal machine has any side effects?   [2017/06/16]

For IPL hair removal machine , most of peopele has heard about it.Although we love beauty, we will still feel afraid about a machine which is bigger than us in front of us. We will begin to doubt if this hair removal will have side effects.Next i will talk to you about this.
According to experts who pointed out that in fact, IPL hair removal has a relatively large advantage, hair removal treatment is characterized by: small damage, the effect is stable, fast, usually hair removal clinical for the treatment of resistance with age and solar ultraviolet radiation Caused by skin blemishes and skin aging and so on.
Because skin aging is mainly concentrated in people's face, neck, hands and chest, etc. are often exposed to the sun exposure site of the skin, such as: color is dim, lack of elasticity, skin relaxation, rough, wrinkles, and various pigment spots and blood vessels Caused by facial flushing and rosacea.
Compared with other traditional skin care method, IPL hair removal is a medical beauty technology, to achieve this technology is a known as IPL photorejuvenation instrument of high-tech equipment, medical IPL instrument because of the power, It need a professional staffto operate it, not professional operation may lead to burns and other problems.
Many people do not clear the difference betwwen the salon IPL equipment and home IPL instruments. in fact, the main difference is the power. Salon use machine has higher power. It can get the better effcet.
IPL hair removal is used in high-intensity visual treatment, unlike laser technology, IPL has no side effects. However, it should be noted that IPL is very sensitive to melanin, so pls do a color card test before treatment on customer. Pls don't do the traetemnt on the body part where has tattoo. You just remember to apply a icy mask or apply some moisturizing cream after treatment is ok.

What is Laser IPL Hair Removal?   [2017/06/13]

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. It had been performed experimentally for about twenty years before becoming commercially available in the mid-1990s.[1] One of the first published articles describing laser hair removal was authored by the group at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1998.[2][3] Laser hair removal is widely practiced in clinics, and even in homes using devices designed and priced for consumer self-treatment. Many reviews of laser hair removal methods, safety, and efficacy have been published in the dermatology literature.
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