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    our SHR Hair removal machine Unique Advantages

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1.SHR&Elight hair removal two tecnology in one machine more advanced,SHR handle can rapidly remove hair also permanent hair removal
2.8 inch color touch screen easy to operate and the appearance looks like more beautiful
3.Our xenon lamp is imported in UK, it can be shot about 150,000 shots
4.The treatment only a slight burning sensation.Painless:new AFT technology (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) uses low and equal energy,which make patient feel no pain.
5.Non-invasive,no follow-up care,no side effects.Fast treatment.Frequency up to 10Hz!Skinfree,suitable for all skin types,even tanners
6.This machine with many functions is worth buying,very easy to operate.
7.Can help you custom your local languages and add LOGO on the machine screen and machine body
8.SHR and Elight system is a combination of high-tech optics medicine and human biological engineering technology, change the past, wrinkles and rejuvenation deep wrinkles, high safety factor, no pigmentation
9.Many accessories and packag in Aluminum Alloy Box
10.Power of the machine can reach 1500w,SHR spot size is 15*50mm
11.Better cooling system:water cooling+air cooling+screen cooling .